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A decentralized global betting platform for mobile games 1vs1 on blockchain.


Versus Red is the first betting platform for mobile PvP (player versus player) games in blockchain, also called Dapp.

Is a platform based on the blockchain TRON, where you can make bets in different games taking on other players in real time, betting a quantity of cryptocurrency.

Versus Red aims to develop a next-generation platform offering a multitude of games, all free, always with the game mode of confrontation in real time of one player against another, it is known as PvP (player versus player), and multi-platform games, in order for it to work, both on tablets and mobile computers, all programs must be written in HTML5, JavaScript and Solidity.

We are seeing that there are many gaming projects that involve betting: some in eSports, others in roulette, dice, cards, etc. In short, games of chance where people bet on who wins.

In the Versus Red we want you to be the protagonist of your bet, and that the result depends on your skill in the game, taking on other users.

We have created the token, Versus (VSU), which will have a real use for the purpose of making bets via online gaming through the platform and, in addition, for the purpose of buying add-ons or sending to friends.

All bets will have 0 fee costs with our VSU Token, although you can bet with other cryptocurrencies with a small fee.

You will be able to challenge players through the platform itself, Telegram, WhatsApp or other social networks and all games can be played on any device, and in addition will be connected on the same network, which means that a player on a cell phone may face a player from tablet or computer and vice versa.

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The Platform Versus is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


It is compatible with tablets iPad, Android and Windows.


It is compatible with Windows operating systems, Linux, and Mac OS.


Versus Red is a site where you can bet an amount of cryptocurrency when playing in real time against an opponent, chosen randomly or in a list, making a transaction from the account of the loser to winner, an amount previously agreed to by both parties. This shall be done by the intelligent network contract (the TRON) which provides total transparency and security in bets.

You will be able to challenge players through the platform itself, Telegram, WhatsApp or social networks through links or a QR code generated when creating your account on Versus, with which you will be able to display publicly in chat rooms, social networks, forums etc so that any player can challenge you easily.

The QR code is generated when you create your account in the platform Versus. It is your player ID with which they can challenge you, and you will have a visual appearance similar to this:

Win me if you can!

* User QR code generated by the platform.

The Versus platform is much more than a betting system, it is an ecosystem that will contain interconnected games on all devices at the global level.
Versus never charges any fee in the bets between players, provided that they are using the token of the platform VSU.
The basic operation of using Versus Red will be as detailed below:

When connecting to a Versus server, it will be identified by a custom encryption system for the safety of the accounts. The names of all users and their VSU balances will be visible, with users available to be challenged.

1- Registration or identification on the platform connecting to servers on Versus.

2- Choose a game of the platform or user to challenge.

3- Enter the amount of VSU to bet.

4- Play!

5- Add or subtract VSU from Your Wallet.

As a basic example, let’s look at the player Zysco with 9750 VSU in their account, and this player challenges the player Juan, betting 5000 VSU in a match. The game is played, Player juan loses and a transaction from the loser to Zysco of 5000 VSU is processed through our smart contract in TVM (TRON VIRTUAL MACHINE).

* The user interface can undergo changes in the final version.

it shows basic general operation of the platform:

* Basics of the platform’s functionality


Versus (VSU) is a TRC10 token created on the platform TRON, with tronscan ID:1000105. It is managed in our own platform, where we will schedule our own intelligent contract on TVM.

We are delighted to be able to contribute and develop within the ecosystem TRON, bringing our Dapp to the community, and although it is a network created by younger people, it is the most technically advanced of any platform in the eyes of Team Versus, being 200 times faster than ETH and 100 times cheaper than EOS. Highlights include the speed of transactions and snapshot capabilities—something essential to our Dapp that utilizes real-time wagers. In addition TRON also features high performance, scalability, reliability, among many other positive aspects.

TRX handles 2,000 constant transactions per second, 24-7, compared to 25 transactions per second of ETH and 3 to 6 transactions per second of BTC.

Currently, we are studying ways to include other payment methods to purchase VSU tokens in the platform Versus Red, such as credit card, PayPal, etc. This is being done with due legal advice and fulfilling all tax aspects of such monetary systems.

You can find more information on the token at Tronscan:

* Remember that when acquiring the token in it has a value of 1 = 1 VSU TRX.


Token Sale

To acquire VSU (TRONSCAN ID: 1000105) click on button or scan QR code, Participate! 1 VSU = 1 TRX.


Versus Red


Versus Red
Versus Red

Distribution of Tokens

Distribution of Funds

70% Sale of Tokens                 60% Development of Platform 
7% Marketing and Advisors    20% Promotion and Marketing
 3% Rewards Program              15% Security and Legality         
20% Reserved for Future Use  5% Contingencies                      


Total Supply:

100.000.000 VSU

For Sale:

70.000.000 VSU

Soft Cap:

10.000.000 TRX

Hard Cap:

70.000.000 TRX

Accepted Cryptocurrency:

TRX, BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, NEO and WAVES (only in presales)

Pre-Sale Date:

Start: Nov,1st 2018 - End: May,1st 2019

Minimum Purchase:


Early Pre Sale Bonus:

50% Off (1 VSU = 0,5 TRX)


Versus Red has developed a roadmap that shows an overview of the project and its ecosystem.
Once we have obtained the softcap, we will have the full team dedicated to the project, accelerating its development and adjusting it to the road map.

Q1 2018

- The project feasibility study is completed.
- This includes analysis of the Versus platform.

July 2018

- We discovered the potential of the platform TRON and we fell in love.
- Creation of 100,000,000 VSU tokens.

September 2018

- Trademark registration.
- Construction of site.

October 2018

- Development of white paper and web publication.
- Beginning of the development of the platform.

November 2018

- Web translation into 10 languages.
- After 6 months, 50% off the price of the token.


- Creation of interface and accounting record.


- Programming smart contract that manages the bets.
- Development will complete of the first online game of the platform.


- Security auditing and correcting faults.
- Launch of online platform.


We are pleased to share with you the 1.1 version of the white paper on Versus Red, which explains the operation of the platform. It will always be subject to change due to improvements and updates of the platform.

WhitePaper EN

Last update October 2018 [Version 1.1]
This WhitePaper is translated into 10 other languages, available on the website of each country or by downloading here: Versus Red


The Team Versus is in continuous growth and evolution to meet the objective of this ambitious project. All are young entrepreneurs, and determined to change the world of betting by making the bettors protagonists.
Believe in the project and demonstrate the commitment of developing faithfully all the potential of this platform.

Versus Red


Founder, CEO and Lead Developer.

Versus Red


Developer and project management.

Versus Red

Maria C.

Marketing and Communication.

Versus Red


Game programmer.

Versus Red


Graphic Designer and video games.

Versus Red

Future Member

Profile not defined.

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